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Spielberg on Filming Tintin in 3D

Comments from Spielberg about filming in 3D. “Every movie I made, up until Tintin, I always kept one eye closed when I’ve been framing a shot,” Spielberg told me. That’s because he wanted to see the movie in 2-D, the … Continue reading

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Teesside Tintin

Not Safe For Work If you don’t like swearing or you are not aware of the Teesside region of the UK, then this clip probably won’t make any sense to you. But I love Teesside Tintin. Partly its the juvenile … Continue reading

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Chang Day – 18th March

Herge’s personal and spiritual growth in understanding other cultures and combatting his own prejudices is remarkable. He grew from a young man writing the colonial tracts like Tintin in the Congo to the great writer who received the Dalai Lama’s … Continue reading

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Jackson – Spielberg – Tintin Video

Last month, Spielberg and Jackson had a brief, live link-up with the European Comics Festival in Angouleme. We posted about this at the time ( Jack & Spielberg Talk Brief About Tintin ). Now the video has surfaced on the … Continue reading

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Nick Frost – Not Just Simon Pegg’s Sidekick

There is a great write-up and interview with Nick Frost (Thompson or possibly Thomson). It is rare to see Nick Frost getting the solo attention he deserves. Frost does not give the impression he was desperate to stop waiting tables … Continue reading

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Opening Sequence

Seeing this opening sequence from the Tintin cartoon series made me wonder about what the opening titles of the Tintin movie will look like. I wonder if it will be good enough to get on Art of the Title?

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Pegg & Frost Zombie Artwork

Remember a few days ago I posted about the comic wirter Lucy Knisley? This morning she posted this great picture of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost in Shaun of the Dead. Frost and Pegg are going to be playing the … Continue reading

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Herge Biography

Just noticed on Tintinologist a good biography of Georges Remi, A.K.A. Herge. 1907 – Georges Remi born in Etterbeek (Rue Cranz, 25) on 22 May, at 7:30 in the morning. 1914–1918 – Attends primary school at the District School No. … Continue reading

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Shakespeare Inspired by Tintin

The Aquila Theatre Company are touring with a production of a Comedy of Errors. The set and costume design were inspired by Tintin. The unusual setting was inspired by Belgian artist Herge’s cartoon “Tintin.” Tintin is a 1930s Western character … Continue reading

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Destroying Civilization with Nanotechnology

This has nothing to do with Tintin other than it was created using Mocap (motion capture) similar that being used for the Tintin movie and it is very funny. Thinking about it, Tintin and the Nanobots could be a great … Continue reading

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