Nick Frost, Thomson & Thompson, Tintin Movie Cast & Crew

Nick Frost on his New Film (Plus a Little Tintin)

Nick Frost (Thompson or possibly Thomson) is intervied in today’s Observer about his new film The Boat That Rocked and about filming Tintin.

Nick finds acting difficult because he doesn’t have the back-up of training. On the Tintin film, the script kept changing, to such an extent that he and Simon were sometimes handed their words just minutes before they went on. “I need a week to really get a scene into my head. And you’ve got Steven Spielberg and Kathy Kennedy, who’s the most powerful woman in Hollywood, and Peter Jackson, who’s co-directing from New Zealand using iChat! It was the most stressful thing I’ve ever done. Having said that, Spielberg was amazing. Sometimes he’d run on at the end of a scene and do a little dance and punch the air.”

From – The interview: Nick Frost