Nick Frost, Thomson & Thompson

Nick Frost – Not Just Simon Pegg’s Sidekick

There is a great write-up and interview with Nick Frost (Thompson or possibly Thomson). It is rare to see Nick Frost getting the solo attention he deserves.

Frost does not give the impression he was desperate to stop waiting tables and has described himself as a “world-class waiter”. He quit his restaurant job only in his late twenties and even returned for a brief stint after spending all the £9,000 fee he received for the first series of Spaced, the Channel 4 comedy series that became a cult hit and marked the start of his and Pegg’s change of fortunes.

“I blew the lot in six weeks,” he recalls. “I came out of a drink-fuelled haze and found myself mopping up the floor and setting tables in another restaurant. I was paid £1.80 an hour — these were the days before a minimum wage — plus tips.”

From: On the Move: Nick Frost