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Red Rackam’s Sidekicks

The occasionally reliable Daily Mail has some on-set Tintin gossip from Daniel Mays and Mackenzie Crook, who are playing Alan and Ernie – sidekicks to Red Rackham (Daniel Craig). Both are comic actors with Mays having starred in the TV sitcom “Plus One” and Crook is most famous for his part in The Office. The pair of them are the comic relief in Red Rackham’s crew, a role very familiar to Crook after his work in the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy.

‘You’ve got the actors wearing funny tight bodysuits fitted with hundreds of motion-capturing devices and as you act, you can see yourself on a big screen with costumes superimposed on this character that looks like you. . . but isn’t.

‘In front of you there’s a camera that picks up every aspect of your face.

Five people with hand-held cameras are filming you. And Steven Spielberg is sitting there with a camera device manipulating all the images.

‘With all the people on the set and backstage, it’s like a Shuttle launch – just fantastic!’ Mays enthused when we met for drinks at the Chateau Marmont on Sunset Boulevard.

Early on during the production Spielberg, sick with a cold, had to go to see a doctor. ‘We came in and there was Peter Jackson directing us via satellite from New Zealand,’ Mays laughed.

Source: Baz Bamigboye on coffee with Jessica Alba, Tintin’s secrets and school with Keira Knightley


  1. Mike

    I have seen on IMDB that most of the cast is from The Crab With the Golden Claws AND The Secret of the Unicorn, so perhaps these characters are not sidekicks to Red Rackham at all. Allan could be the Allan from Golden Claws, and Ernie could either be a pirate, or he could be one of Allan’s men. If you are unaware of the IMDB on Tintin Movie, I think you should consider having a look.

  2. The IMDB entry has been updated since I last looked. It tends to trail some way behind the announcements.

    The Daily Mail article does spells the character’s name as Alan and refer to them as Danial Craig’s sidekicks but the Daily Mail is often wrong.

    The original casting list has it as Allan but lists the character as “Allen & Ernie, two seamen smugglers disguised as workmen” – see [ http://tintinmovie.org/2007/10/28/tintin-movie-casting-begins/ ].

    I suspect you are right and Allan is the first mate from the Karaboudjan in the crab withe golden claws. Ernie is likely to be one of the ship’s crew.

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