1. Stephen

    This exact article was published in spanish in “El Mundo”,a popular spanish newspaper in Spain.I stumbled across this article and at first was excited to find Tintin in the newspaper again,and then later to have my excitement shattered upon reading the first part of the article.I am a huge Tintin fan,and read your blog all the time.The ideas in this article are ridiculous and obviously not what Herge had in mind when he wrote the comics,even with all of the “proof” that the article bases itself off of.It is more likely that Tintin DOES have Hypogonadotropic hypogonadism,although Herge certainly had not thought of this possibility either.Why does this world always have to bring matters of this sort into perfectly good things?One of my favourite things about Tintin when I was little was that there WAS almost no romance,nothing like Superman or other comics with more girls then you could remember their names.
    Herge simply tried to create a nice character to introduce in the children’s section of the newspaper he wrote for,and this person evolved and changed over time,in a good way I might add.Obviously Herge NEVER had this in mind.Just look at the reaction that the unauthorizad Tintin in Thailand brought!I rest my case.Whether people want to accuse Tintin time and time again of one thing after another or not,that is beyond my control.But no way was that Herge’s intention.And if Herge didn’t think of it in such a way,I say we shouldn’t either.Because if Herge did not think of it that way,Tintin isn’t that way.
    I am looking forward to seeing the Tintin Movie next year,but if any of this comes into it,I will not even watch it.

  2. admin


    You are right.

    The charm of Tintin is that he is innocent. The absence of sex or romance allows the reader to focus on the action, the adventure and heroic deeds.


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