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Dr Who to Write Tintin Movie

Ok, it isn’t actually Dr Who, its Steven Moffat who has written several of the best Dr Who episodes. This information comes from the news agency Reuters but its not clear how official it is.

Moffat is one of the best British TV script writers. His first show was BAFTA award winning Press Gang for which he wrote all 43 episodes. He then went on to write episodes of Murder Most Horrid as well as the series Joking Apart, Chalk and the award winning comedy Coupling. Jekyll, his retelling of the The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde was on UK TV this summer. He is a lifelong Dr Who fan and has landed a dream job in writting two episodes in each series, two of which have won Hugo awards.

I cannot be happier with Steven Moffat as the writer of the Tintin Movies as Coupling is one of my all time favorite comedy shows. He is incredibly talented, capable of producing moving and action packed scripts. Most importantly for tackling Tintin is that he understands how to reinvent existing characters in a way that is new and exciting but is also sympathetic to the original material.